Ritual Herbal Salt Soak • Ostara (Spring Equinox) • March 21/22

The Spring Equinox is upon us!  Welcome the Light and look to the green tidings of Spring with this Magical blend designed to make space for new beginnings, creative endeavors, and the manifestation and grounding of your deep Winter's dreams.  Add 1/2-1 cup of this mineral rich mixture to your bath. Light a Candle. Inhale deeply.  Think Big!


for Bath: Add 1/2 - 1 cup under the running water as you draw your nice, warm bath. If you don’t have a good drain strainer, use the muslin bag (included) to contain the salt and herb mixture—we like to tie it to the faucet so that the water runs through it as your tubbie fills. Then tie it up and drop the whole kit and caboodle right in!

for Foot soak: Add about 3 tablespoons to your foot basin, pour warm water over (as hot as you can manage without being uncomfortable!), swish it around with your feet. Consider using a muslin tea bag or piece of fabric to contain the herbs if you don’t have a good drain strainer to pour it through when you dispose of it.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Epsom salts, Organic Red Clover blossoms, Organic Jasmine blossoms, Organic Lavender, Ylang Ylang essential oil.

7 oz in reusable glass jar.

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